S4. E33. Your thoughts become things... for real.

In this episode, I share some deep yet simple truths about how you create your reality with your thought choices. Yes, I said CHOICES. You are always choosing how you think and feel... I explain how these choices are creating your current results. If you want better results, you have to change your thoughts. Listen in for more...



  • Energy comes to us, through us and creates our results [2:36]

  • When we get upset about something, it's because we chose to give it a negative feeling [5:46]

  • The role gratitude plays in shifting your energy [12:13]


  • "Every single thought that comes in, we choose whether to give it positive or negative energy" [4:51]...
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S4. E32. The key to making your business a success is this...

If you're just getting started in building your online business, if you don't have what I share in this episode day locked down, I hate to tell you but your business won't be successful. You'll quit at the first major roadblock that comes your way. And trust me, they are coming. So if you're serious about your business goals... listen up.



  • What keeps you going when you're struggling? [2:26]

  • We have been given the gift of time to work on our desires [6:45]

  • The commitment to the action is where you will find the success [10:45]
  • What can you do today to help make your desire come to life? [13:59]

  • Ask yourself this question everyday... [16:35]


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S4. E31. Letting go of old beliefs that hold you back.

In this episode, I share a past childhood experience that I've connected to a limiting belief I have about myself. It wasn't until I recently did a deep 45-minute meditation that led me to the vision of letting go of this belief. It brought powerful visions that freed me up to living my full purpose. Ugly crying and everything. If you can relate or just want to hear what happens, click play.



  • The impact childhood has on our current subconscious [2:06]

  • I finally gave myself permission to let go of what was holding me back [10:17]

  • This meditation allowed me to see my purpose more clearly [14:55]
  • How can I help you achieve your life's purpose? [16:26]


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S4. E30. How to feel empowered by technology with Paige Battcher

When I first met Paige on LinkedIn, we immediately started geeking out over our favourite software. Paige founded Kismit Ideas, a web design and marketing agency at 27 and is an advocate for how our mindset is the most important factor in living the life we wish to design.

Paige wants you to feel empowered by the technology required in your business, instead of feeling overwhelmed and as though you're not 'tech-savvy' enough. She knows the importance behind having a tribe of people for support and has been coaching entrepreneurs on how to use different software platforms to accelerate their own business.



  • How Paige moved from employee to entrepreneur [3:03]

  • ...
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S4. E28. Two types of risks, and you're always taking one of them.

As I'm putting together the content for my upcoming free 4C FORMULA, 90 days to creating 10K months for online coaches and course creators, I found an old photo of me. It was my first ever headshot as an entrepreneur. OMG, I was so vanilla and so new! It got me thinking about the risks I've taken in my business and my life and how the scary risks I took were the ones that dramatically changed my life. I share how in today's episode.

Want in on the 4C FORMULA Masterclass and learn how I created my first 10K months as a new online coach? Register here: https://www.shanarecker.com/4c-webinar-page


  • How to know when to take that risk [5:40]

  • When you make the decision,...

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S4. E27. Creating Quantum Leaps in your Life and Business.

Have you read the book YOU2 by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.? OMG if you haven't you need to get it RIGHT AWAY! I'll even get you the link: https://www.pritchettnet.com/product/you2

This book will change your life if you let it. I share how what Price teaches in the 35 pages (you can read this book in 30 minutes) of this book has impacted me and how it can impact you if you give creating your own quantum leap a chance!

Oh, and I mentioned my free upcoming 4C FORMULA Masterclass, how to create a 10K month in 90 Days... you can register here: https://www.shanarecker.com/4c-webinar-page 

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S4. E26. How to stop comparing and start feeling inspired

I see you, you're online now more than ever and you're seeing what aaaalllllllll the other online coaches are doing and you're comparing yourself, feeling like you're just not as good, you're not doing enough so maybe you should just quit. If you can relate to this listen up. I've been down that rabbit hole myself and in this episode, I show you how to flip the switch when you start comparing yourself to others.



  • The comparison game affects everyone [2:12]

  • We've all been at the beginning of the journey at some point [4:33]

  • Unfollow people if that's what you need to do [6:15]
  • Some people are looking at you to compare themselves too! [7:09]


  • ...
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S4. E25. We Wild Women with Renée Warren

Renée Warren is a recovering agency owner turned female empowerment and business coach and the founder of We Wild Women. After spending the last two years working with entrepreneur couples helping them live a more integrated life, she realized one thing was abundant in these relationships: women wanted to start their own business!

Having led a team of 12 in her previous agency, while running a household and having two babies in 11-months, she knew exactly how to scale a business and balance her growing family life.

She thought: "Wow, do I ever know this space well, so that's what I am going to do, help women launch their dream business!"

She can tell you with confidence that...

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S4. E24. Getting Started Steps to Creating an Online Business

Starting an online business can be a daunting task, but in today's episode, I break it down in a step-by-step guide, to help you know where to begin. 



  • Why not take this time to try and create something new [2:31]

  • Things won't necessarily change overnight in your business [5:40]

  • Step 1: Get clear on who you are and who your audience is [6:51]
  • Step 2: What is it the best way to serve your audience? [9:06]

  • Step 3: Where are you going to set up your business? [11:36]
  • Step 4: Start showing up [12:48]

  • Step 5: Why do people need your product? [15:13]


  • "When you take just one step, the other steps start to become clear" [8:48]
  • "Our...

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