The Online Entrepreneur Launchpad


October 19th - October 22nd



Online Entrepreneur Launchpad


You've been wanting to start an online business or maybe you recently have and you are feeling a bit stuck?

You're itching to know how people have started their online businesses and they are able to create consistent income?

In this 4-day live training series I will go through 4 easy steps to start your online business: 

  1. Create Clarity
  2. Create Connection
  3. Build Authority
  4. Create Your Offer 

All of the training will be hosted in the Dream Hustle Free Community Facebook Group. That's right, each day I will host a LIVE training AND give you some strategies to implement as we go!


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Day One: Clarity

Get to the bottom of who you are, who you help, and what your zone of genius is. Once you have these nailed down, you'll show up authentically and confidently!

Day Two: Connect

You've nailed down your ideal client, and now it's time to talk to them! Figure out where they spend their time online and how they like to digest content so you can show up for them. 

Day Three: Authority

Time to build your presence online! Free content is super important to create an audience that loves you and sees you as the expert. Learn how to speak directly to your ideal client, and create a mind map so you never run out of ideas. 

Day Four: Offer

What's the one result your client wants the most that you can help them with? This is your offer! Brainstorm, plan and launch your killer offer, and watch your business grow! 


But wait, there's more! (Cue infomercial music)

I will be doing bonus training videos, check it out ⬇️

BONUS training!

Not only will you get access to the 4 LIVE training days, but you'll also get an additional 5 EXTRA bonus training.

  • Live Q & A to answer questions from the training
  • Successful Entrepreneur Mindset training 
  • Live testimonial - don't just take it from me! Hear what Dream Hustle Alumni have to say
  • Million Dollar Mindset training
  • Overcoming Fear and Procrastination training

It's ALL happening in my online community!

Stop saying you'll start next year. Now is your time to follow your dreams and create an online hustle. I'm virtually by your side every step of the way! I want to be your sounding board and provide you with guidance and support throughout your business journey.