I help highly-skilled women quantum leap into online Coaching with my Quantum Coaching Method™

(WITHOUT having any certifications)


I help Highly-Skilled, Underpaid Women Pivot into a Profitable Online Coaching Business

(WITHOUT having to be certified)

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The Quantum Leap Queen

I’m so glad you're here. I’m Shana, your Corporate to Coaching Quantum Leap Expert, wildly obsessed with my morning routine (I love you, Nespresso), helping people achieve their career goals and a glass of red mixed with good conversation.

Most days, you’ll find me going the extra mile to serve my multi-passionate clients, recording podcast episodes, and speaking to my audience about the power of following your desires, shifting your mindset and taking action on the dreams in your heart.

You want your time back, more money and freedom to choose. I will help you get there.

Positivity is contagious, and I love passing it on.

ON INSTA: @quantumleapqueen


You don't have to stay stuck in a job you don't like. Write a new story full of massive impact & fulfillment.


3 Month 1:1 Private Mentorship

This high-value personalized experience will accelerate you into the coaching business you're desire.

Private clients work with Shana 1:1 weekly and get personal mindset and strategy mentorship based on their unique needs.

Spaces are limited.

$9,000 USD


6 Month Group Program

 For highly skilled professional women who are ready to pivot into online Coaching.  

This 6 month, high-vibe container walks you through how to position yourself as an authority + build and launch your first high-ticket group coaching program with my Quantum Coaching Method™ 

$6997 USD


2 Weeks of Voxer Coaching

You have questions about your business and mindset that you need answers for.

You receive 2 weeks of access to coach personally with Shana via Voxer messaging. Includes Quantum Leap Strategy training.

Space is limited.

$888 USD


Self-study Digital Program

Quantum Leap Foundations School takes the Quantum Leap Strategy to the next level.

This self-study program includes the Quantum Leap Strategy Digital Program + 8 Foundational Mindset Lessons that teach you everything from Self-Image to Money Mindset to Overcoming Fear and more!

$555 USD


Self-study Digital Program

Master Your Next Level with this powerful mindset shift.

You want to hit that next level and you keep finding yourself stuck in the same place. The  3 lessons in this program will help you understand exactly why that is happening and how to shift it.

$155 USD



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Don't take my word for it...

My amazing clients speak for themselves, sharing how pursuing their goals has with me by their side changed everything.

Shirlee W - Yoga / Life Coach

In just our 4 weeks together I have taken a bigger leap then I could have imagined. Not having all the plans in place. I have had insight about where my fall back is and how I go to what is comfortable. To have this kind of awareness in such a short time is unbelievable. I won't be going back to what I know, but stepping into the unknown.


Amy S - Health Coach

Shana you have so much insight, perspective and such a positive and inspiring way of seeing and explaining things. I love how honest, open and real you are. Making a quantum leap and shifting our mindset doesn't happen overnight and being around a group of inspiring and aspiring people really has a huge impact I found in my own confidence. I've gained clarity and confidence in pursuing my desires and making the quantum leap. I felt this was exactly what I was looking for in a group and feel like I manifested it!! That you for providing the space and community to work on our mindset and pursuing our goals.

Jason R - Artist

Shana’s Pursuit Elite Mastermind program has really helped me break out of my old ways that haven’t been serving me any longer. With her help, I have set new mindset patterns and now play to win! Before I was playing not to lose and didn’t even know it. She’s a lot of fun to listen to and has given me a fresh perspective on seriously obtaining my goals. It’s been a great investment to get me to the next level.

I help you make the leap from Corporate Boredom to Confident and Profitable Coach

I've been where you are, dreaming of something more. Looking out the window of your cubicle, wondering what if... I know that feeling because I've been where you are. I left the corporate world back in 2010 and have yet to look back. I've learned that making a move out of the 9 to 5 into entrepreneurship is more than just building a website. There's a mindset shift that has to happen. Quantum Leaping into your own coaching business requires crystal clear clarity, a solid mindset and bold action to create the momentum and find your paying clients.

You have so much to offer. It's time to make an impact.


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